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Unofficial affiliate events

One of the greatest benefits of attending a Rotary International Convention is the chance to connect with Rotarians from around the world to exchange ideas and celebrate your accomplishments. Take advantage of this opportunity by planning your own event, known as an unofficial affiliate event. Your district or region can sponsor a meeting, breakfast, or luncheon. Other options include a zone reception, intercountry committee dinner, Global Networking Group meeting, reunion for training leaders and classes of district governors, and language-specific or regional event.

Each organizer is responsible for all costs associated with the event, including catering, rental, security, transportation, and any venue-related costs.

See a list of Unofficial Affiliate Events in Sydney.

Email uae@rotary.org for additional information. If you’re a Rotary Fellowship or Rotarian Action Group, email rotaryfellowships@rotary.org to ask about space for your meeting.