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Convention promotion

The Rotary International Convention is our biggest event of the year! In addition to celebrating all things Rotary, this year we’ll also be commemorating The Rotary Foundation’s centennial with a birthday party, book signing, and film festival.

Use the promotion kit and the ideas below to make sure your members know about the Atlanta convention and the benefits of attending.

Promotion kit

The kit includes:

Promotion ideas

Designate a local promoter: Ask a member in your club or district to host a convention-themed table or to make a presentation to fellow members. Have them sign up for the convention newsletter and either use the content in their promotion efforts or forward the newsletter to other members.

Host a table: Use a centennial or an Atlanta theme for a table at a club or district meeting or event. Print a few brochures to hand out, and draw attention by giving away Georgia specialties, such as peaches, peanuts, or pecans.

Give a presentation: At your next club or district meeting, show the promotion kit’s PowerPoint presentation. Add your own stories about conventions you’ve attended, what you learned or remember most, and why others should attend. If you serve a meal at the meeting, consider a Southern USA barbecue theme.

Use social media: Follow the Rotary International Facebook and Twitter pages and share posts about the convention. Use the graphics in the promotion kit to temporarily change the profile image for your club or district’s social media pages. And when you register for the convention, post the news.

Update your website: Club and district websites should include information about how to register for the convention. They could also feature the names of people from your area who’ve already registered, if they give permission to share that information.

Create an ad: Use the template to create an ad featuring a local Rotarian who has attended a convention and plans to go to Atlanta. Use the ad in a club or district newsletter, or in social media.

Hang it up: Post one of the Atlanta ads or a poster at a club meeting or event.


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