Why exhibit?

Thousands of Rotary members and guests from over 130 countries will come together for the 2019 Rotary Convention in Hamburg. Our members include successful business owners, corporate executives, and retired professionals who use their skills and knowledge to help others.

The House of Friendship offers a unique opportunity to showcase your service project, celebrate your Rotary achievements, share information about your Rotarian Action Group, and sell your Rotary merchandise as a licensed RI vendor.

Exhibit applications will be available in August. Invitations to apply will be sent to all previous exhibitors, all recognized fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups, and individuals who requested information. Applications will be available on the convention website.

Complete this form to be included on the mailing list when exhibit applications are available.

Rotary Project Booths

Project exhibits give Rotary members the opportunity to showcase their ongoing projects. They highlight humanitarian services and Rotary’s areas of focus. At project booths, attendees can share information and network with fellow Rotarians.

Rotary Fellowship booths

Rotary Fellowship exhibits provide the opportunity to showcase fellowship activities and to generate interest among Rotary members.

Rotarian Action Group booths

Rotarian Action Group exhibits provide the opportunity to showcase the work of Rotarian Action Groups and generate interest among fellow Rotarians.

RI-licensed vendors

Rotary International licensed vendors, or RI licensees, are businesses and Rotary entities licensed by Rotary International to use the Rotary Marks in connection with the sale of merchandise. RI licensees may purchase booth space only from Rotary International, and they need to apply for booth space in the RI-licensed vendor area if they wish to sell or display goods.

Email rilicensingservices@rotary.org for information about becoming a licensed vendor.