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House of Friendship

This is where the Rotary world comes together to share ideas, best practices, and project successes. You can:

  • Browse booths featuring Rotary projects, Rotary Fellowships, and Rotarian Action Groups
  • Shop for Rotary-licensed merchandise, including pins, shirts, and banners
  • Meet with staff in the Resource Center about Rotary’s programs and services
  • Enjoy food and entertainment unique to our host city
  • Register for the 2021 convention in Taipei, Taiwan

Hours of operation

The House of Friendship is open:

Saturday, 6 June | 08:30-16:00 (with grand opening ceremony)
Sunday, 7 June | 08:30-16:00
Monday, 8 June | 08:30-16:00
Tuesday, 9 June | 08:30-16:00
Wednesday, 10 June | 08:30-14:00

Note: Hours subject to change